Heavy-weaponed Toad Domination!

One day the little sentient Toad has decided to arm himself with some heavy weaponry and deal some serious damage with no specific reason. It’s a miracle that Toad was able to pick up his first pistol — soon afterwards he found himself dodging, shooting, crushing and earning money from the dead enemies.

Toadomination revives the best moments from the 90's era with action packed gameplay and that very special nostalgic feeling. This game is meant to be played like it’s 1995 again — no loot boxes, no battle passes, no grinding and paying to win. It’s only your skills that matter when it comes to Toad’s survival and total Toad Domination!

Key features:

  • Unique protagonist: trigger-happy Toad!
  • Retro twin-stick shooter mechanics: just like 20 years ago.
  • Easy to catch the flow: nothing to get you distracted from Toadpocalypse.
  • Dynamic soundtrack: enough to make you wish to smash more rebels.
  • Large variety of uncommon, odd and unique weapons to keep you rolling!